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Thame results are published

The results for the Thame OSS event are now published. Many thanks to Jon for planning and dealing with the postponement from January. Also thanks go to The James Figg for allowing us use of the Stables, a great venue with ample space.

It was great to see many new faces at the event I believe the following were on their first OSS event, Meghan, Kathryn A, Adam, Chris, Rob, James, Philip J-D, Andy, 8 out of 25. Also there was a first time run this season for 16 out the 25 too.

Jon had planned a different style of course where all the 30s, 20s and 10s were somewhat grouped together. Almost forcing you to deal with the tricky housing estate of roads and paths to get the high scoring 30s. Then what to do with the other controls was the issue. Then the 50 in the corner, was it worth going to.

In terms of the league, Marie-Anne has taken over in the Womens table. For the men Robin heads Neville and Roger C. Though there are a number of people with high scores who have only two races to their names. Nigel, Roger T, Matthew W, Adam N, with Marcin, John O and Ben lurking in the background.

As usual if you spot any mistakes, (Name, Club, Class, Points) please let me know and I try and fix them up.

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