The series is brought to you by members of Oxford's two orienteering clubs:

Thames Valley OC

Oxford University OC


2016/17 Series

This page links to the results of each event and shows the overall standings for the season, with positions based on the best four scores.

Event 1: Abingdon, Wednesday 21st September 2016, planned by Matt Hill
Event 2: Rose Hill & Iffley, Wednesday 19th October 2016, planned by Marcin Krzysztofik
Event 3: Abingdon (South), Tuesday 22nd November 2016, planned by John Owens
Event 4: Headington, Tuesday 13th December 2016, planned by Sarah Gales
Event 5: Marston, Thursday 12th January 2017, planned by Ben Green
Event 6: Kidlington, Wednesday 15th February 2017, planned by Carol Edwards
Event 7: City Centre, Wednesday 15th March 2017, planned by Neville Baker
Event 8: Great Hollands, Bracknell, Wednesday 12th April 2017, planned by Roger Thetford
Event 9: Botley, Tuesday 30th May 2017, planned by Heather Walton

Overall standings for men

PosNameClassClubSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayEventsBest 4  
1Nigel BunnM50TVOC5050505049506200
2Marcin KrzysztofikM21TVOC[50]4948495051982
3Robin BishopM45TVOC474247454849484981944
4Matt HillM40TVOC[49]45484941913
5=Andy LawrenceM40HRR494644474751892
5=Neville BakerM60TVOC4843464744[48]4671890
7Phil RavenM40IND4148464941845
8Jon HarveyM40TVOC4641444046434671822
9Tom HarveyM18TVOC4640464441766
10Bill ChildM55TVOC45384237464161742
11Phil ArnoldM40TVOC43374139454461731
12Jack HarveyM14TVOC39354342415914
13Roger ThetfordM50TVOC5047[50]314712
14Ben GreenM35TVOC47[48]4831434
15Howard WallerM50TVOC504829845
16John OwensM45BAOC48[48]2962
17Fraser MacDiarmidM21OUOC42502924
18Nat SkidmoreM21TVOC45452902
19=Robert KennyM45TVOC43452882
19=Jack SmithM20OUOC40482880
21James CunnaneM50TVOC40432835
22Peter NarramoreM55TVOC44382821
23Jac CrossM40IND38432811
24Petter BerghM35MALVIK4914932
25Ian BuxtonM50TVOC471472
26=Luke McNeillM40TVOC461461
26=Alex RobsonM21IND461460
28=Steve BealM21IND451451
28=Jonathan HowellM65WCH451450
30=Lova ChechikM21OUOC441441
30=Alun JonesM60TVOC441440
30=Patrick O'CallaghanM21IND441440
33Valtteri KankainenM16SOJY401404
34Steven Le TocqM40SMOC391391
35Rob SibleyM60SAX371372
36=Sean PowersM35RAFO361361
36=Aleski KankainenM40TVOC361360
38Stuart FaulknerMIND341342

Overall standings for women

PosNameClassClubSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayEventsBest 4 
1Sarah GalesW21TVOC5049[50]5050506200
2Carol EdwardsW55TVOC495050[50]434761991
3Marie-Anne FischerW50TVOC5048494946454971972
4=Fran HarveyW45TVOC4946484646404871916
4=Rose HarveyW12TVOC494648464851910
4=Heather WaltonW50TVOC474848[48]41910
7Jess ArnoldW12TVOC4843464841856
8Rosie SibleyW21TVOC4747474241832
9Freya AskhamW40SMOC494750314637
10Johanna MichelW21OUOC45485031433
11Hermeet GillW40IND354928459
12Aini VuorinenW21OUOC4914935
13Kirsty HewitsonW40IND461463
14=Flora TavernerWIND451451
14=Julia DrownWIND451450
14=Ann MillerW60TVOC451450
14=Katie TrusloveW21IND451450
18=Suzy RobertsonW21TVOC441441
18=Debbie CharltonW55SMOC441440
20Ursula GoeresWIND431431
21=Ailsa O'DonoghueW18SOLWAY421421
21=Lucy ScottW21IND421420
23=Vanesa PracilW21IND391393
23=Tamara PerezW21IND391390
25Jane DruryW21SMOC381381
26Jacqui MurphyW21HRR371371
27Judith ArmittW60SAX361361
28Nicky BrockW40IND351351
29Venla KankainenW16SOJY331332
30Erika HensenW40IND321321
31=Essi KankainenW5TVOC311311
31=Heta KankainenW35TVOC311310
33Liv MaklebustW60IND301301
34=Clare SkidmoreW21TVOC291291
34=Emilia SkidmoreW1TVOC291290

Scoring system

The scoring system has changed once again this season, though only slightly. Men’s and women’s performances will be scored separately. The winner of each gender for an event will score 50 points, then 49 for second, 48 for third, etc. Overall positions for the series will be listed separately for men and women, and be based on your best four scores so you don’t need to be able to come every month to be in with a chance of overall prizes. The tie-breaker for those with equal scores overall is head-to-head record, while as an incentive to potential organisers/planners they are awarded a score for their event equal to their best score in the series.

The results for each individual event are determined by adding up the values of each control visited (usually ten worth 10 points, ten worth 20 points and ten worth 30 points for a maximum score of 600) and subtracting a penalty for late return (10 points for every minute or part minute). The tie-breaker for those with equal scores is lower penalty, if this is also the same then positions are equal.