The series is brought to you by members of Oxford's two orienteering clubs:

Thames Valley OC

Oxford University OC


2016/17 Series

This page links to the results of each event and shows the overall standings for the season, with positions based on the best four scores.

Event 1: Abingdon, Wednesday 20st September 2017, planned by Nigel Bunn

Event 2: Marston, Wednesday 25th October 2017, planned by Marcin Krzysztofik

Event 3: Central Oxford, Tuesday 28th November 2017, planned by Ben Green

Event 4: Thame Tuesday 23rd January 2018, planned by Jon Harvey

Event 5: Iffley Tuesday 20th February 2018, planned by John Owens

Event 6: Headington Wednesday 14th March 2018, planned by Bill Child

Event 7: Temple Cowley Tuesday 17th April 2018, planned by Neville Baker

Event 8: May 2018, planned by Unknown

Overall standings for men

PosNameClassClubSepOctNovJanFebMarAprMayEventsBest 4
1Nigel BunnM50TVOC[50]504849495198
2=Marcin KrzysztofikM21TVOC[50]4748504195
2=Ben GreenM40TVOC[50]474847505195
4Robin BishopM45TVOC484946474190
5Andy LawrenceM40TVOC504842464186
6Neville BakerM60TVOC46434145[46]5180
7Andreas FriskM21OK Linne444144444173
8Seamus CunnaneM50TVOC443646454171
9Phil RavenM40IND424540424169
10Jon HarveyM45TVOC40[43]41434167
11Roger CliffeM45TVOC384230333543367159
12John TurnerM60TVOC41373737375152
13Jac CrossM40IND383340404151
14Richard PurkisM21NGOC5047503147
15Chris RhodesM35NWO4749493145
16Roger ThetfordM55TVOC4448483140
17Tom DawsonM21IND4445413130
18Luke NaylorM21OUOC4345383126
19=Alex HollingsworthM45TVOC4038423120
19=Stephane HelleM21IND3741423120
21John OwensM45BAOC49[49]298
22Jack SmithM21OUOC4346289
23Bill ChildM55TVOC43[43]286
24=Jan TravnicekM40TVOC4936285
24=Jon WheatcroftM60TVOC4144285
26Andy MarshallM40TVOC4536281
27Howard WallerM50TVOC3743280
28Anthony DonahueM35OUOC3536271
29Tim FoxallM35AAC3138269
30Peter SageMIND3434268
31Rowan O'DwyerM35IND3234266
32Vojtech VozdaM21OUOC50150
33=John LeesonMHOC47147
33=Paul FernandezM40IND47147
35Christian GriersonM21DEVON46146
36Peter NarramoreM55TVOC45145
37Noah HurtonM21IND42142
38Ian PickeringM55TVOC41141
39=Jack HarveyM14TVOC40140
39=Jevgenis JegorovsM21IND40140
39=Mark GrantM25IND40140
39=Sean PowersM40RAFO40140
39=Michael BennettM21IND40140
39=Ruben GonzalezM21IND40140
39=Ivan FerrerM21IND40140
39=Sergio SivvaM21IND40140
47=Connor CraigMBAOC39139
47=Edward Gow-SmithM21IND39139
47=James RighettiM21IND39139
47=Scott CraigMBAOC39139
47=Robin BendixM21IND39139
52Adam NightingaleM21IND38138
53Chris SayerM21IND36136
54=James AighethM21IND35135
54=Tom HarveyM18TVOC35135
54=Danny HearnM50TVOC35135
57=Ben HedgesM21AAC34134
57=John NewtonM21AAC34134
59=Bruce HuggetM21IND33133
59=Philip ListerMHRR33133
61Matthew DewsburyM21IND29129

Overall standings for women

 NameClassClubSepOctNovJanFebMarAprMayEventsBest 4
1Charlotte ColesW21TVOC4950484948466196
2Marie-Anne FischerW55TVOC48464742485189
3Hermeet GillW40IND484448454185
4Heather WaltonW55SLOW474646414180
5Helen GardnerW21TVOC5050503150
6Sarah GalesW21TVOC5049503149
7Marjolaine BriscoeW18IND4749483144
8Sarah DuffyW35KR4548493142
9Charlotte SugdenW21HRR4548293
10Rosie SibleyW21TVOC4546291
11=Nicky BrockW40AAC4247289
11=Kristina PahkalaW21IND4643289
13Taissa CsakyW40IND4541286
14=Lauriann OwensW55BAOC4441285
14=Vanessa AracilW21IND4144285
16Kathryn TurnerW60TVOC4440284
17Malissa VenablesW35IND50150
18=Johanna MichlW21OUOC49149
18=Emily PayneW21IND49149
20Heather CraneW35IND48148
21=Carrie RudgeW21IND47147
21=Zara HannounW21IND47147
23=Fran HarveyW45TVOC45145
23=Laura CraigWIND45145
23=Lucy BourdW21IND45145
23=Rose HarveyW12TVOC45145
23=Sophie MarshallW7TVOC45145
28Aini VuorinenW21OUOC44144
29=Lucie BouardW21IND42142
29=Anna ZavalaniW21IND42142
31=Sophie TompkinsW21IND40140
31=Lauren ShawW21IND40140
31=Masood AhmedW21IND40140
34=Zoe MillingtonW45IND39139
34=Amandine GeorgesW21IND39139
36Kat McMurranW21IND38138
37Min SunW21IND37137

Scoring system

The scoring system has changed once again this season, though only slightly. Men’s and women’s performances will be scored separately. The winner of each gender for an event will score 50 points, then 49 for second, 48 for third, etc. Overall positions for the series will be listed separately for men and women, and be based on your best four scores so you don’t need to be able to come every month to be in with a chance of overall prizes. The tie-breaker for those with equal scores overall is head-to-head record, while as an incentive to potential organisers/planners they are awarded a score for their event equal to their best score in the series.

The results for each individual event are determined by adding up the values of each control visited (usually ten worth 10 points, ten worth 20 points and ten worth 30 points for a maximum score of 600) and subtracting a penalty for late return (10 points for every minute or part minute). The tie-breaker for those with equal scores is lower penalty, if this is also the same then positions are equal.