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Great Hollands (Bracknell) results are published

The results for the Great Hollands event #8 are now published.

Many thanks to Roger for organising and planning such an different Oxford Street-O Series event. There was a record turn out of about 70 participants partly due to the urban nature of the event, the location and that it was in the pre-JK week.
Thanks also need to go to Allan Farrington for providing the touch free punching system for the evening. Also to BKO for allowing us to use the Great Hollands area.

The main results for all the participants on the TVOC website.

From the results we have extracted all those who had already participated in a previous Oxford Street-O series event this season. These people have been placed into the usual Street-O results pages and points awarded.

Please let me know if I have missed anyone from the Street-O results and also if you spot any mistakes.

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