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City Centre results are published

The results for the City Centre event #5 are now published.
Many thanks to John Owens for planning and showing us where all the post boxes are around the centre of Oxford. As you can see from the results it was quite possible to run around the whole course and collect all the controls. In part due to the scale of the map which was 1:7500 rather than the usual 1:10000. No wonder I felt good as I crossed the map quickly. Though it’s always better to know the map scale before you start running rather than finding out once you’ve finished. There really is no excuse not to know the scale of the map before starting whether that is Street-O, Urban, Forest or especially Trial-O.

Also many thanks to the Oxford University club for allowing us to host the event at Mansfield road. The facilities of space, food and changing rooms are much appreciated.

With regards to the results, the scores are purely based on points collected, there is no allowance for time taken in the scoring system this year. However below are the results based with time taken into account. Congratulations to Ben for running around in an impressive 51 minutes.

Pos Points Time Name
1 640 51 Ben Green
2= 640 56 Roger Thetford
2= 640 56 Howard Waller
4 630 58 James Crawford
5 620 50 Nigel Bunn
6 590 57 Andy Lawrence
7 580 56 Robin Bishop
8 580 59 James Cunnane
9 530 50 Marcin Krzysztofik
10 530 56 Carol Edwards
11 530 59 Neville Baker
12 490 54 Steven Le Tocq
13 490 57 Marie Anne Fischer
14 450 56 John and Tom Harvey
15 450 60 Rosie Sibley
16 420 56 Emily Schmidt
17 390 54 Jon Wheatcroft
18 390 57 Jane Drury
19 260 56 Fran and Rose Harvey
20 260 57 Nigel Britton

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